How to build a capsule workout wardrobe

Over the years I’ve tried many a brand of gym clothes. The older I’ve got (and the more years I’ve been working out), the more I’ve come to realise that it’s all about quality over quantity. Yes, it’s tempting to pick up those £12 leggings from the supermarket when your trusty old pair have given up on you, but in the long run, you’ll forever be repeating this same cycle.

When it comes to working out you not only want to feel comfortable; you also want to feel good in what you’re wearing. Your workout wardrobe should make you feel empowered, strong and ready to take on anything. With this in mind, think about what makes you feel good, be it patterned leggings, oversized t-shirts or cycling shorts, and build your gym kit out from there. As someone that works out around five times per week, having five pairs of leggings, five tops, five sports bras, two jackets/hoodies and one pair of trainers works really well.

While it can be a challenge to find pieces you really love, the likelihood is when you find a style you like it’ll be available in a plethora of colours or styles!

My ultimate favourite brands are Lulu Lemon, Gymshark, Oysho and H&M. All have come at varying prices, but lasted me years. What’s more, I love the styles so much that I never pore over the activewear section of ASOS, because I’ve got everything I need!

I know some of the top brands can pack a hefty price tag, but hear me out. Discount codes, sales and second hand sites (Depop and Vinted are gold mines) are your best friend. I recently picked up a Lulu Lemon sports bra for £8 on Depop, and the leggings I own have all been bought at outlets or in the sale section.

Some of my favourite pieces from my capsule workout wardrobe are:

I fell back in love with my wardrobe: here’s how

In a world where clothes are available to buy at the touch of a button at any hour of the day, it feels like a relentless battle not to want more. While I’m still pulled towards the ‘new in’ section of ASOS on an every-other-daily basis, I have spent some time working with what I have. The result? I’ve fallen back in love with my wardrobe.

So, how does a self-confessed shopaholic cut back and actually wear what’s hanging in her wardrobe? Here’s how:

1. Pinterest

Every girl’s best friend. Pinterest is a fabulous source of inspiration, with outfit and style inspo galore. Be it autumn cosies, workwear or your holiday wardrobe, head to Pinterest and check out the thousands of pins on offer.

Another great way to use Pinterest is by typing in a specific item of clothing and looking at different ways to style it. As an example, I have a camel coat and just haven’t worn it for a while. I turned to Pinterest and found the four looks below that I really want to recreate!

Photo credit: Pinterest

2. Cataloguing

My most useful tool has been creating a catalogue of my outfits. Just snap a pic every time you wear something you love and create an album on your phone or private board on Pinterest. It sounds simple, but it has honestly made the world of difference. Now when I open my wardrobe doors and feeling uninspired, I simply look at my catalogue and am reminded of some of my favourite pieces and ways to wear them.

3. Repurposing

Possibly the most obvious of tips, but repurposing your clothes is both fun and useful. That oversized tee you’d set aside for the gym; why not crop it and wear with jeans?! Or those jeans that you just don’t wear anymore; hello new raw edge denim shorts! There really are endless possibilities for turning something you’re close to throwing out into something that fits more with your current style.